Diana (retrophoto) wrote in generationzen,

Today is Saka Dawa...

...or, the anniversary of Shakyamuni Buddha's birth, enlightenment, and parinirvana (death). The Emaho Center opened today at 5AM for Mahayana vows and I had planned to attend, but alas, had only fallen asleep an hour or two before and couldn't drag myself from my very comfy futon. I'm a bit disappointed, as I thought that would be really cool to sit in the temple at that early hour. But maybe it's for the best, as I was going to go for a few hours then come home and nap, missing the teaching.

I did get myself up and go in for the wisdom teaching today from 10-4 (we are on a nearly two hour lunch break.) While I've never met a monk who disappointed me, some have exceeded my expectations, and I believe ZaChoeje Rinpoche definitely falls into that category. A big advantage is he has a master's in English, so not only is he fluent, but can distinguish subtle nuances in meanings of words and create his own metaphors. He also has a good grasp of western culture and mindset, and is an excellent teacher who presents difficult concepts in ways we can understand. He also allows questions as he's teaching, rather than waiting till the end.

I think he's a perfect blend of east meets west, and look forward to attending more events there.

More later, as I must eat lunch (which Rinpoche encouraged us to eat vegetarian -- that's at least one thing I can handle.)
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