Diana (retrophoto) wrote in generationzen,

The Ngondro fitness plan

I formally started my first preliminary practice today, called ngondro. First, you do 111,111 repetitions of the refuge prayer and prostrations, then 111,111 Vajrasattva mantras, then 111,111 mandala offerings, and finally, 111,111 guru yoga practices.

Let me tell you, doing 100 prostrations can work up a bit of a sweat, now. I think I can lose a ton of weight, then market this and make a fortune. (For the good of all sentient beings, of course.) Yep, 100 down, only 111,011 left to go on the FIRST preliminary! Whew--eeee, look at me go!!

I think I understand all too well now why the First Noble Truth is "suffering exists," and why Buddhists have to reincarnate -- it's going to take at least a few lives just to do my prelims.

And on another note, sure wish I'd known I was going to become a Buddhist when I picked out this apartment with wood floors.
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