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Have you hugged your sangha today?

I have the best sangha in the world. I particulary realized this after attending a meditation group at a local art gallery commemorating Hiroshima. This was run by another sangha and no one from mine showed up. They all seemed to know each other, and not a single person came up and introduced themselves. They just looked at me like "who are you and why are you here?" despite the fact that our sangha was formally invited. But, oh wait -- they didn't know what sangha I was from as no one bothered to talk to me.

Yes, if I was a more socially capable person I would have introduced myself, but as the poster child of Social Anxiety Disorder and the lone stranger in the room, this was a bit more than I could ask. Given that this particualry trendy, oh-so-bohemian college town always makes me start humming The Dandy Warhols, I guess I just wasn't hip enough for the room.

But did I mention I have the best sangha in the world?
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